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"We have gotten loads & loads of suggestions... this is perhaps too much fun for me & the guys (writers Jay & Dave)...we think VB auditioning rocks!!"

- Katie, Colle Mcvoy

"I'm just thrilled with the Voicebank service and the very prompt response to my questions. I have used this service since January 2000 and it works like a charm... if you have any technical problems, the Voicebank staff is incredibly responsive and helpful. The site is wonderfully designed to facilitate actors, agents, and ad agencies. It's a blessing for the technically challenged!"

- Christina, Actor

"I can't believe we were ever able to do voice casting before you came along. Not only has the Voicebank concept saved me thousands of dollars, and hours of agony, but your website and customer service is superb. Plus, it allows me to develop a direct relationship with agents. You're the best. Thanks for making it so easy for me."

- Amanda, Saatchi and Saatchi

My wife, Brett (DPN), gets a lot of traffic via her Voicebank link! Also, my agent mentioned how much they end up directing buyers to Voicebank. I just recently put together a new site, so I thought it was time to try and get people looking at it. I'm sure it'll be worth it.

- Alex, Actor (Premium client)

"... we use your web-page a lot in trying to find/obtain talent for programs. It has been a huge help and I just want to say Thank You."

- Kisha, Associate Producer, National Geographic Channel

"Many thanks for your swift support last night. It is great to deal with a company who is so dedicated to their mission, it is a rare thing, well done!!!"

- Rob, Hobsons-International, London

"It's great. I love your services!"

- Robyn, See of San Francisco

I appreciate the attention you've given me. A+ customer service!

- Chris, Actor (Premium client)

"I do thank you for your concern with our first trial of Voicebank.net. It went FABULOUS! Very slick. The writer loved it, I loved it. It really sped things along because I could quickly listen to the writers? picks (on the shortlist) before letting the account person hear anything. It was so-o-o nice to not have all of the CDs to worry about. And then, instead of taking the time to get it dubbed I downloaded it onto a CD and it was off to the client in a matter of minutes!"

- Allison, Martin Williams

"THANK YOU! Now THAT'S service. I appreciate your immediate attention."

- Maryanne, Klasky Csupo

"... once I send a creative or producer to the Voicebank.net "Demos" section, they almost never come back and request a CD! All it has taken for most users is one exposure to the ease of use of the system and they are hooked... this system is a very powerful tool, primarily because people like to use it."

- Shawn, Doner

I appreciate the professionalism with which you (Amber) and Stewart work. Your attention to detail and personal service are un-equalled. I believe this is why your company has grown to be the industry leader in voice delivery.

- Joe, Actor (Premium client)

"Hope you know how wonderful you are to work with, thanks again..."

- Anne, Carmichael Lynch

"Amber, I am really grateful for your incredible level of service and knowledge..."

- Tony, Actor

"You have the best customer service in the country!"

- Bob, Actor

"I don't know how we would have managed this without you guys. All the talent has been highly professional and they've given life to the characters."

- Gary, Sink Films, Ireland

[I'm] very pleased with the Premium listing by the way--I'm certain it's been what's brought in the gigs that have come directly from Voicebank listing.

- Bill, Actor (Premium client)

"Thanks Stewart! You guys are the BEST!"

- Kourtney, Sound Advice

"I listened over the weekend... made my short list... waiting for the guys to listen up... I like the way this service works... easy to listen to..."

- Donna, Campbell-Mithun

"How are things in the wonderful world of Voicebank..! I never had a chance to say "thank you". I'm in NY as you know, and "SOMEHOW" I got an email from an LA agent asking me to audition copy for them and if it went well, they would begin by freelancing with me.. Well, I auditioned, he's freelancing with me, and I booked a TV commercial on the 6th Audition!!! The only way that I can think of that he got my information is from my listing on your Voice Registry site, because although I do send my demos out to NY agents - I haven't yet done that for LA.. So, THANK YOU!!"

- Marian, Actor

"I used Voicebank for a project last week and had a great experience, and got auditions back fast! You have a great service."

- Susan Stagg, Radio Outhouse

...Still have to get much busier with my page. Btw, just booked a voiceover job on a CARMAX TV commercial for Monday. Thanks.

- Rob, Actor (Premium client)

"I have only three things to say about Voicebank.net: Love it, love it, love it!"

- John, Sarley, Bigg and Bedder

"... fantastic service... really impressed."

- Rupert, Crispin Porter & Bogusky

"Checked in last night and saw it... thanks! ... very fast... didn't expect you guys there on the weekend."

- Noelle, AMI-Artist Management, Inc.

"Kudos on a great, marketable service. I've shared with out associates, studios, talent and agents how powerful this casting system is... What a time saver over the old phone, fax and FedEx!"

- Brian, Rhea Communications

... many thanks again Stewart for Voicebank... it's the best!!

- Eric, Actor (Premium client)

"I swear you guys have all bases covered!"

- Shane C., Talent Agent

"Love you guys. Thanks for creating Voicebank. It's the best."

- David, Actor

"Much to my surprise, Voicebank has become an everyday part of my voice-over casting. I actually depend on it to check the sound of a voice-over talent, submitted by an agent who I am not familiar with. Your service has enabled me to have more control of my casting sessions. I am absolutely delighted and cannot do without it now."

- Terry, Terry Berland Casting

"You are my hero. Thanks so much."

- Sarah, Nichelodeon

"Last night an emergency happened: After the recording session and one day before shipping - the client HATED the voice talent that they had selected over a month earlier. I checked the Voicebank site for the old castings and they had been taken down. One call at 7:30pm CDT and Stewart at your office was able to get those old castings back up on the website for our use. That may have saved the day for us. That's Stellar Service!!! You people ROCK!!!!!"

- Barry, Ackerman McQueen

"Thanks. Voicebank.net rocks! Love, yer Dallas pal."

- Jenni, Freelance Producer, Dallas

"Quick work! I was able to direct an existing client of mine who is not in Toronto to the site this week to listen to a recommendation and had a firm booking within minutes ? I like this."

- Sandi, Fusion Artists, Inc.

"If your intention was to leave me with the impression that Voicebank is a company that is knowledgeable, helpful, and cares about their clients, then I wanted you to know that you have achieved your goal. Thank you for spending your time helping me set up my page."

- Lori, Actor