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Pastorini-Bosby Talent

6300 West Loop South #350
Houston, TX , 77401
tel: 713-266-4488

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folder Accents      
folder African American      
folder Animation      
folder Announcer      
folder Audio Books      
folder Authoritative      
folder Automotive      
folder Characters      
folder Comedic      
folder Commercial British      
folder Commercial Men      
folder Commercial Spanish Men      
folder Commercial Spanish Women      
folder Commercial Women      
folder Corporate Industrial British      
folder Corporate Industrial French      
folder Corporate Industrial German      
folder Corporate Industrial Men      
folder Corporate Industrial Men Spanish      
folder Corporate Industrial Women      
folder Corporate Industrial Women Spanish      
folder Dialogue      
folder Duo      
folder E-Learning      
folder Fast Talking      
folder French      
folder German      
folder Hard Sell      
folder Imaging      
folder Impressions      
folder International      
folder Interviewer      
folder Italian      
folder Kids      
folder Mature,Senior      
folder Medical      
folder Messages on Hold      
folder News      
folder Political Democratic      
folder Political Republican      
folder Portuguese      
folder Promos      
folder Real People,Conversational      
folder Sexy      
folder Sophisticated      
folder Southern Country      
folder Sports      
folder Storyteller      
folder Teen      
folder Texas (Not Southern)      
folder Trailers      
folder TV Affiliate      
folder Urban      
folder Voice of God      
folder Warm, Nurturing      
folder Young Adult